The "Brazilian" Adventures

Since I'm journaling the Irish music - why not do the same with my other musical adventures? The "Brazilian" Adventures will be a catch-all for this.

This week I had my first lesson with Stephen Holland since last summer. He introduced me to a very lovely original piece (1.8mb mp3). This is one I will try to play on Rudy, my sweet and gorgeous old wooden flute.

In recording this lesson, I've heard myself on Rudy for the first time. When I play her, I know she has a wonderful tone. But, as I'm playing and listening, her tone has a recorder quality to my ear. Listening to the playback of this lesson - I am in awe of this flute. With apologies to Stephen and Rudy - here is me trying to jam with Stephen on his own lovely piece (637kb mp3). (At least get the intonation, Barbara! I need to record myself more.)

Talking with Dave about Rudy's stunning tone quality with Stephen's guitar - he's experienced the same thing with his fiddle. Some instruments, when mixed with another, have the quality of producing a sum greater than the part. Like a wine that tastes good alone, then great with a particular food. I think Rudy is made for this.

The alto flute (Big Al) may also work with the Brazilian music... but, listening to the recording of Mas Que Nada from the lesson, I will need to ditch the vibrato to make that happen (uh - not to mention getting the rhythms and modes). After so many years working to acquire vibrato, how do you un-acquire it?