It's about time I introduced the Auburn Session. Photos are courtesy of Bobbie, my evil twin, who was bored enough to come down to listen.

That's me and Rudy, our maiden voyage together. Bobbie kindly wrote about how "passionate" I look when I'm "blowing". Really, the look says "what the heck is going on??". Added to the flute player's natural grimace.

And Fred playing the beer bottle, looking a little blurry for it.

That's Fred (yes, that's really what she goes by) in the lower left. Then working clockwise around the circle, Cindy, Lonna, Scott, Randy with his hair on fire, Elizabeth on dulcimer, and me.

John, Cindy, Lonna, Scott. And a bit of a lightshow in the mirror.

The same, with the fiddles digging in.

Bobbie took a real liking to those fiddles.

Fred again, probably on concertina, though that beer bottle was sounding great. John, Phyllis, Scott, Pete, Randy, Elizabeth almost invisible (she also does lovely songs), me hunched over flute, and Ela on cello. What a surprise when the cello entered, we were in the midst of a tune when suddenly the floor, and even my socks, started to vibrate. Lovely to have those way way down there notes in the music.

In her first public Emcee appearance, Heeee-re's Cindy! (MP3 408KB) Classical announcers the world over can sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that their jobs are not at risk.

And here's that