Jazzin' at Jack's

This is Lesson 2 (MP3 - 638KB) from Jack Gilder. Jack's the one who's flat, I'm the one who's sharp. He smoothed me out afterwards with Langavullan, Laphroaig, and truffles - oh, well worth the pain. For me, anyway. I would pay for this lesson just to have the scotch and chocolate at the end.

I'll only have to go through this once... But - dear lord - can you imagine doing this for a living??

Ploughing ahead...

Later (really a lot later) at the Ploughy Star... or whatever... Finally the fiddler started a tune I knew. I know that as a beginner I'm supposed to wait for a critical mass of other players... but... Etiquette be damned, I went for it. Glad to have, it was the only tune in the whole session I'd ever heard before. And at the end of it, Vinnie turned to me and said - "That was good noise you were making". Better than chocolate and scotch.